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A workplace food program employees love and look forward to every day

Your Favorite Restaurants Visiting You At Work

Top Rated, Authentic Restaurants

Fresh meals from chefs who take pride in their food. Our 1000+ restaurant partners earned outstanding ratings from sites like Yelp! and Zagat. With Fooda, they visit and serve right where you work.

You Deserve Quality Food & Healthy Options

Quality food comes from awesome ingredients and care in preparation. It delights taste buds and makes us feel good. Your individual lifestyle and diet deserves fresh, delicious food.

Food Within Steps
of Your Desk

You work hard and your time is valuable. Why waste a lunch break running around to find food? Good food should be easy to find. Food puts you in control of your schedule.

What You Can Expect from Fooda at Work

Fooda Partners with Companies and Office Buildings to Provide Unique Restaurant-Based Meal Services

Onsite Popup Restaurants

Host a daily variety of top rated restaurants who visit and serve in your office lobby or company breakroom. Employees pay for their own meals. Fooda handles all the logistics.

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Employer paid lunch programs

For companies that want pay for all or a portion of their employee's meals. Fooda offers regularly scheduled Staffed and Served Catering, Drop Catering, and Individual Online Order Delivery

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Catered Meeting & Events

Fooda's account executives make sure your meetings and events go off without a hitch. Our network of 500+ restaurants offer virtually limitless options so there is something for everyone.

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Cafeteria Replacement

Legacy cafeterias are evolving into a next generation solution that saves money and never gets boring. Fooda replaces traditional food service providers with local, authentic restaurants that people love outside of work.

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We love food. We scour the streets to find delicious, authentic restaurants so people can enjoy them at work.

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